Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remebering 9/11

Today is a day of remembering...
Remembering thos who bravely tried to save those trapped in the wreckage .
Remembering those who died and those left to carry on without them .
Remebering those who are serving our country overseas .
Remebering those who lost their lives while serving our country .

In the wake of 9/11 many stepped forward to volunteer
Volunteer to serve or to help in other ways.
Pat Tillman of the Arizona Cardinals did just that. He left a successful career with the Arizona Cardinals to enlist in the Army after the attacks occurred. Pat served our country until his death in April of 2004. He was 27.
In addition to remembering those terrible acts and how it affected us all, we need to remember these words UNITED WE STAND.
These words are forgotten in the hecticness of our daily lives. We forgot to be knid and courteous to others. We forget to find time in our schedules to volunteer.
Our local high school has issued MANDATORY community service hours for graduation and many parents are PROTESTING instead of standing beside their students and voluteering their time as well.
What's up with THAT !?!

Peace and may you find beauty in every day.

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